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3 minutes of design, 1-minute production, free rendering

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  • 3分鐘設計,1分鐘生產,免費渲染
  • 3分钟设计,1分钟生产,免费渲染
  • 3분 디자인, 1분 제작, 무료 렌더링
  • 3 minuti di progettazione, produzione di un minuto, rendering gratuito
  • デザインの3分、1分生産、無料レンダリング
  • 3 минуты проектирования, 1 минута производства, бесплатная отрисовка
  • 3 Minuten Entwurf, 1 -minütige Produktion, freie Wiedergabe
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Egg,Three Big Selling Points

Simple design

Everyone is a designer. Learn to use a mobile phone in 10 minutes. Flat-panel can be operated without fear of disconnection.

Direct production

After drawing the cabinet, direct drawing, quotation, bill disassembly, docking equipment. Networking devices with mobile phones, without copying U disk, can be produced directly.

Free rendering

Real-time free rendering on mobile phones, output animation-level promotional video. Free dynamic rendering on computers or docking with third-party rendering tools

Detailed and comprehensive highlight function


Computer, mobile phone, flat panel drawing, timely three-dimensional drawing, automatic quotation, export CAD drawings.


Calculate the cost price of each set of cabinets to prevent the shop from losing money due to too low quotations.


Intentional customer registration, customer order management, follow-up customer intentions, improve the turnover rate.


Share excellent designer solutions, improve the level and order level.

Easy to use

Easy to learn, easy to learn, no need for professional store designers, to solve the problem of talent recruitment difficult to retain.


It can share the owner's design plan, and communicate more intuitively and quickly.


Docking home decoration software, providing cloud rendering services, one key to generate a rendering effect.

Demolition order

One-click order disassembly, accurate and efficient, automatic generation of the path, label, sheet list, hardware details, customized reports.

Actual Application Scenario Provides Factory Solutions

Expanding Business

Simplified design, business expansion to decoration companies, moving doors, shower rooms, wooden stores, etc., to increase the new market.

Improve communication efficiency

The design has a long single-cycle, too many communication links, reduce ineffective communication, and avoid mistakes.

Automatic quotation

After the design is completed, according to the statistical area of CAD, the automatic quotation can avoid the manual calculation of quotation calculation easy to rectify.

Cost savings

Save manpower cost, design and disassemble order quotation under a single person to complete.

Solving management problems

Solve production management problems, accelerate delivery, automatic billing, packaging improvement, process tracking.

Logistics Tracking

Two-dimensional code tracking production and logistics progress.

Big Data Analysis

Big data analysis, shorten the transaction time, increase sales, statistics to reduce the channeling.

Automatic Statistics

Automated statistical piece counting, automatic cost accounting, statistical current account.

Picture cabinet body, picture moving door

Let's help you develop your business.